Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 29, 2017

Meet LibDem Candidate Jo Barton

Jo Barton  is a LibDem councillor for Meols ward in Sefton. Born in Chorley and grew up in Hesketh Bank. A single mum for ten years with five children aged from 13 to 19. First became a local councillor in 2007 in North Devon where she lived for ten years before moving back to Lancashire for family reasons.

She does not consider her-self to be a politician, rather a community worker and believes strongly that her role is to serve the community and to provide a voice for those who otherwise would not be heard. If she were to be elected she would fight for our ailing NHS to stop the privatisation of it and other major public bodies and would urge the government to put more money into our schools rather than taking it out. She wants to see an end to tax dodging and the loop holes that make it possible. She would stand against any moves to allow fox hunting to be legalised.

Locally she would fight for the infrastructure, particularly the state of the roads with a comprehensive repair strategy rather than the disastrous surface dressing that has wasted millions over the last few years. As a Liberal Democrat she believes in a strong, fair society where everyone has the right to be treated equally regardless of race, gender or background. She is somewhat unique to many insofar as she holds ward surgeries every second Saturday in the month (except August) at St John’s Primary School, Rufford Road, Crossens between 11am and 12 noon, and every fourth Thursday in the month (except December) – Cafe Moo Moo, Cambridge Road (by the junction with Preston New Road, next to Boots) between 10:30 am and 11:30 am. No appointment needed – just drop-in.

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