Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 29, 2017

Meet Green Candidate Nate Higgins

Nate Higgins  is a student at Edge Hill University and “…passionate about representing Ormskirk and the wider West Lancashire community”. He is focusing his campaign primarily on issues that affect younger people in the constituency, but also focusing on social cohesion between the student population and the wider permanent community.

His campaign priorities include the NHS, Higher Education and Apprenticeships, Northern Transportation, Living Wages, Saving the Planet, and Reforming Our Democracy. A 20 year old second year Musical Theatre student at Edge Hill University, extremely passionate about democracy, the environment, the EU, and LGBT rights. As a gay man, he “…feels personally affected by our MP’s decision to vote against marriage equality” and as a Europhile, he “disagrees intensely with her decision to vote for Article 50. He is a candidate in order to “stand up for people in West Lancashire who feel the same”.

He would “Call for a ratification referendum on the final Brexit deal, allow local people to make decisions for their area by devolving vast amounts of power to local administrations” and “replace our broken two party electoral system”.


  1. And it was all going so well. Then he just had to say he was ‘passionate’ (about representing West Lancs) – and then ‘extremely passionate’ (about democracy etc)…….. But then, as if by magic, Nate performs a volte face because as a Europhile, young Nate disagrees intensely with Rosie Cooper’s decision to vote for Article 50…

    How very dare Cooper vote for Art 50 and thus obey the majority wishes of her West Lancs constituents. In the one breath he is passionate about representing the WIDER West Lancs community – then in the next he’s extremely passionate about standing up for the people in West Lancs who feel Cooper’s decision to vote for Article 50 was an affront to all good Europhiles in West Lancashire – i.e. The NARROWER West Lancs community.

    Nate, baby. A bit of friendly advice from a crusty old 63 year old. When I was 20, I was an Art student who spent most of my time either working bloody hard or having a few beers in the Philharmonic pub. It was a university of life existence – and I was a freshman. You too should do the uni of life gig, learn stuff, get a bit of knowledge, life skills and then, once acquired you can tell people of all ages what you’re passionate about, because then, it will have some credence. You will be speaking from experience, and your potential constituents from 18 to 98 will respect you all the more for it.

    • This crustier older 78 year old agrees with all of the above. In that summary of young Nate’s life and ambitions we see what we call the “folly of youth” without experience. In one way Nate is to be admired for his confidence in standing for Parliament at his age. A bit less youth, a bit more experience, and we might see Nate again, perhaps in five years after what will surely be a trial run?

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