Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 27, 2017

Sam’s Fracking Silence

When will fracking really take its place in the West Lancashire general election campaign? One resident of Digmoor may have forced the issue by writing to the Champion. Read it here  [click to read.]

Now cast your minds back to the fracking public inquiry. 70 residents of Lancashire gave evidence against fracking. They quoted peer-reviewed studies, personal experiences with Cuadrilla, and details of the impacts so far on their house prices, their health and livelihoods.

The Inquiry Inspector Wendy McKay lost her patience with them. She had, they said, been quiet, calm and most sensible throughout but then she became troubled by the passion, solidarity and kindness in the room that led to applause, laughter and floods of genuine human reactions, which she evidently felt were inappropriate and delayed proceedings.

One local resident described how “The Inspector chastised us like naughty school-children and added that if we didn’t agree, we would be asked to leave. It was very uncomfortable. For us, this stale and clinical process is unfamiliar and it’s hard to stop reacting like yourself when the vast majority in the room are on the same side and are experiencing a genuine emotional connection to what we’re seeing before our own eyes”.

Precious words. And even now the silence from Sam Currie on fracking is speaking louder than words. He’s committed to it as “the Conservatives plan to develop the shale industry in Britain” in the party manifesto. “Frackers against Currie” is one slogan easily enough won. When will PEDL164  [click to enlarge] come home to haunt him?

Meanwhile the Church of England is under pressure because of the possibility of its local land being fracked and the Archbishop of Canterbury has had a visit from the Grim Reaper  to remind him that “Humankind has a divinely mandated responsibility for the physical world, for its creatures and for one another, especially the weakest and least. This mandate also requires us to do all we can to minimise damage to creation and God’s creatures, and to promote all that is good and that brings the kingdom of heaven into ever greater realization on earth”.

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