Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 25, 2017

You’re Nicked!

Cars parking on pavements can be hazardous for many pedestrians. In particular, the blind, disabled, and individuals with push chairs can struggle to get past an inappropriately parked vehicle. It can also lead pedestrians having to walk into the road to navigate their way around the obstruction. Parking on pavement laws are dependent on where you live. Since 1991, parking on pavements has become a decriminalised offence in many parts of the UK and is essentially the councils’ responsibility, local to your area to enforce the banning of pavement parking.

Questions often asked “Are the police responsible for preventing pavement parking in my area? Is it illegal to park on the pavement in my area?”

Currently as the law stands, it is apparently not illegal to park on pavements in areas that do not have pavement parking restriction signs erected by the local council . This of course excludes areas that are outlined in the Highway Code as being illegal such a double yellow lines or zigzag lines near a pedestrian crossing for example.

Anyway, it’s been a problem for Wigan Road , as a sharp eyed resident reported and as all these pictures show . Cars and vans all  totally blocking the legal right of way. And then along comes a disabled buggy driver   who had to avoid cars and vans after which the Police arrive to  nick pinky and others  [with thanks to Barrie French for the pics].

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