Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 20, 2017

Sam, MP For Skelmersdale?

There is no sign yet of Sam Currie having his photograph taken at the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill site. This would be a “must” for his candidate nostalgia photo album after the general election. Win or lose, he’s throwing much of his efforts into picking up votes in Skelmersdale as he needs them to stand a chance.

Perhaps he won’t be going there because it will draw more public attention to the scandal of the landfill cash? To give him an idea of how much, landfill tax rates from 1st April 2017 are £86.10 per tonne for standard rated wastes and £2.70 per tonne for lower rated wastes. How much tax, how much profit Sam?

And just by chance, this document [click to read] on planning application fees was included on 13 July 2011 in the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill application 2011/0787/FUL. It was a clear indication that Mr Jonathan Snellgrove would be involved as a party to the landfill development with Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, latest shareholder funds UP from £17,979 to £318,589 in August 2015 .

Sam’s election agent Wally Westley was at the Beacon Park Golf Course in 2006 as cabinet member for community services, recorded by the Champion here [click to read], alas no pic as mentioned. Follow in his footsteps Sam, and then make the landfill an election issue? Get the secret files opened up and tell Skelmersdale how much cash has been paid to a company and its shareholders registered in Leeds and not paid to West Lancashire Borough Council for Skelmersdale’s benefit.

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