Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 19, 2017

Moon Shooting The Messenger?

In a classic case of shooting the messenger we’ve seen a strange reaction to the correct story published here under the “WLBC Councillor Attendance By Email” heading. Cllr Paul Moon, adding to his “Moongate” fame, has taken exception to the exposure and declared it to be “vile internet postings and trolling”, all of which takes us back in its originality to Cllr Westley, who readers will recall wrote to a lady that “The link you sent is for a website that has pretentions of being some sort of news outlet but is in fact nothing more than an internet troll spouting malicious bile and hiding behind a cloak of anonymity”.

After all, yesterday’s story was confirmed to be entirely true by the WLBC Chief Executive. How and why would her version of the truth as stated on this website be worthy of a description of “vile internet postings and trolling”? Who created the grounds for the story, other than Moon?

As the event, the ceremonial Annual Mayor Making, took place in front of members who did attend, and officers, distinguished guests including Aldermen, and the public, surely the non attendance and consequent shambles of a long delay was distressing?

It is no secret that public council tax is being paid by two separate councils for Moon’s membership of them. He received £4,276.37p from Wyre taxpayers and £4,842 from WLBC taxpayers. If they result in some exceptional talent, some outstanding special political skill that requires his presence on both councils, then these payments might be good value. Non attendance and the ramifications of it don’t seem to qualify, but then again, didn’t the first Moon story contain similar traits?

So an exchange took place on the Our West Lancashire  website today where the story was posted, and Dave Beeston said “Hardly an election either – I was told months ago who the new Mayor would be!”

Our West Lancashire “That’s correct. We called it mayor making for that reason. It is a ceremonial event and therefore the lack of courtesy shown was disappointing”.

Paul Moon “Our West Lancashire organisation yet again feeling the need to be associated with a disgusting internet troll”.

Our West Lancashire “The WLBC Chief Executive has confirmed that delayed confirmation of details from you required the adjournment of the meetings so the blogsite was accurate. To call it vile and trolling suggests you have lost your sense of proportion”.

Paul Moon “Yet again you can’t even put your name to a post, PATHETIC. As I said if you want to align and be associated with a internet troll then so be it, at least we know how to report to the public your allegiance. And am I not allowed to attend a family function anymore? I have read how Adrian Owens a number of years ago spat his dummy out because he didn’t get his own way and left the conservative party and caused a problem at the council meeting, maybe you could expand on that incident”.

Our West Lancashire “Has he reported inaccurately?”

Paul Moon “Our West Lancashire organisation yet again feeling the need to be associated with a disgusting internet troll”.

Paul Moon “I would respond to a person but not some faceless individual hiding behind the anonymity of OWL who hasn’t got the nerve or courage to put their name to posts on this page. Probably you were the one always hiding behind mummy’s apron. Pathetic, grow a pair. The fact that you care what that troll writes makes OWL equal to his vile postings”.

Our West Lancashire “The problem was caused by Cllrs Mr and Mrs Bailey as reported by the press at the time. We’ll draw this exchange to a close”.

Moon is making himself a bloggers delight. His political history in Wyre is unique, as we all know. To effectively rail against what the whole of West Lancashire will know by tomorrow, that he asked “And am I not allowed to attend a family function any more?” while still collecting his WLBC allowance, will earn him no sympathy, just contempt?


  1. Paul Moon. Very nasty.

    • We wait and wonder when the sordid details of his party selection of him will be revealed, as they will.

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