Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 19, 2017

Currie Challenged On Toxic Dump

Tory parliamentary candidate Sam Currie has faced more intense pressure about his comments on Skelmersdale. While local people try to express their real concerns over the neglect Skem faces they see Currie relying on being seen and photographed with his “celebrity” visitors. But when will he be seen at Whitemoss  and when will he explain why it’s still expanding? What would he do about a toxic dump in Downholland? Would his ward electorate accept “Community Fund” bribes to accept the horrors from contaminated land? How does a Whitemoss grant for toilets in Ormskirk help residents of Skelmersdale?

As his local party Shadow Community and Leisure Services group spokesman why hasn’t he been photographed with a Community celebrity at the WLBC owned Beacon Park Golf Course that’s not only landfill  but filling the pockets of its private developers at the expense of council tax payers under the guise of leisure development?

Joanne Lunt-Taylor comments on Currie’s facebook page “It’s alright for you that the town has a toxic dump  in it because YOUR party overruled the local decision to deny it! It’s alright for you that YOUR party is pro fracking. What’s the point in having a railway when we’re all going to be getting poisoned, when our drinking water is undrinkable. It’s alright for you that the town is becoming more deprived and the food banks can’t cope with demand. This town has been hit hard by your cuts. It’s alright by you that your party is destroying the NHS. The only people who welcome you to Skem are wannabe middle class who don’t realise they have been brainwashed. You’ve got some nerve coming to Skem. It’s more than alright by me, if we never see your face here again”.

Is Currie heading for a whitewash in Skelmersdale, where trite platitudes will be scorned as more of the same by his photo opportunity parades of the people seen as the perpetrators of Tory cuts? Has he got the guts to visit the Skelmersdale Foodbank and face those who staff it and those who are reliant on it? Will his photograph album be all that remains of his few weeks of fame? Will he be writing the diary of a nobody ? Probably.

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