Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 18, 2017

WLBC Councillor Attendance By Email

Is WLBC  the only public authority to transact its member attendance by email? In the latest of the series of bizzare events concerning Wyre and WLBC Cllr Moon, he apparently went AWOL last night from the Full Council meeting for the elections of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Leader, Deputy Leader, Cabinet, and Proper Officer Provisions And Schemes of Delegations.

As was the custom, all Members were required to attend and Moon  is listed by the Secretary as “Expected” collectively with every Member. Moon is a member of the Westley Shadow Cabinet, a matter which itself pours scorn on member standards of behaviour. He sits on the Planning Committee at Wyre and remains on the Wyre Standards Committee, surely a case of the proverbial “taking the piss” ?

So, on the need for the regulatory member signings last night, and Moon being absent, the meeting collapsed into chaos while officers checked for all signings, with Opposition Leader Wally Westley reportedly doing his headless chicken impersonation.

This regrettable slap in the face for local democracy forced Council to be adjourned. It apparently took an embarrassing 20 or so minutes before Moon’s signature arrived by email and Council continued.

Why did Moon  miss this important meeting? There were no Wyre meetings he may have preferred to attend. Is it simply contempt for those of us whose council tax pays his annual allowance of £4,840? Should he now appear before the WLBC Standards Committee? Or will we be told this is the new system of member attendance in the age of technology as it applies to a “two borough two allowances” councillor? What does spring to mind are two requirements under the Code of Conduct “treating others with respect” and “not improperly seeking an advantage or disadvantage” surely both breached? It’s time to drain the swamp!


  1. …and where was he? No meeting in Wyre last night. On holiday? Perhaps he’ll try to attend meetings in future by Skype.

    Any decent organisation would have got shot of him yonks ago.

    • Well, he might have been in Hesketh Bank, or at a Wyre address? He seems to wag the Tory dog with impunity. If this was Labour we can all imagine the howls of derision that would emanate from Wally et al. What a pity there is no recall system that would enable a new election in the ward he was dumped into.

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