Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 18, 2017

Currie Faces Skelmersdale Foodbank Storm

When Tory Sam Currie announced his new facebook venture in support of his bid to become the local MP little did he know about the storm that would soon engulf him and expose his political naivety. He became “Sam The Facebook Man” when he tweeted “Got a Facebook page. Would be awfully nice if you ‘liked & shared’ in order to provoke further ‘likes & shares’. Search samcurrie4westlancs”. See more of Sam Currie by logging in to Facebook”.

Liking and sharing “Currie-style” isn’t at all the open and transparent social media you might imagine. A contributor raised the issue of foodbanks. Currie deleted it and banned the contributor who wrote his own version of the story, below

“The Conservative candidate for West Lancashire (in the upcoming election) has posted a FB video of himself, campaigning in Skem. As such, I commented on his post, in order to ask him about the effects of Tory cuts on the town. I also pointed out the amazing efforts of the staff at Skelmersdale Food Bank , and asked Mr Currie whether he would consider visiting the Food Bank if he comes back to Skem. Instead of engaging me in conversation or commenting on the food bank, he has shamefully deleted my post and banned me from his FB page. If Mr Currie does not know the difference between honest political disagreement and hostile antagonism, one has to wonder about his suitability as a candidate – notwithstanding his apparent reluctance to talk about or acknowledge the existence of the food bank. In any case, I repeat my post here in full:

“Hi Sam, when you were in Skem, I wonder if you popped into Skelmersdale Food Bank. If you had, you would have seen the devastation that your party has caused, up close. The Tory cuts to public services, made by the neo-liberal ideologues at the head of your party and deceptively named ‘austerity,’ have had appalling consequences for our already economically-deprived town. Despite the great efforts of the staff, the food bank is struggling to cope because it is facing record demand – including from children. Although this not your fault personally, you are certainly an associate of those who ARE directly responsible. The raft of savage, ideologically-driven public-service cuts, Duncan-Smith’s sanctions regime, his Stalinist work-programme and the bedroom tax have left many of the poorest in our region facing homelessness and starvation. Many disabled residents have faced the same fate. Perhaps if you feel the need to visit Skem in the future, you will pop into the food bank to at the very least acknowledge these issues? Yours, Phil”

Another contributor Joanne Lunt-Taylor asked “Why do you keep deleting any comments asking about visiting food banks or the landfill? Or anything else not positive or pre approved?!” and as we know Rosie Cooper when she was MP visited the landfill scandal saga to see it  and to discuss the consequences with the exponents of private financial gain from it. Will Sam Currie be there any time soon? What a pity the Beacon Park Golf Course wasn’t included in the Theresa May flying visit?

Barry Carr also wrote “And by the way Sam I have taken screen shots of these posts just in case you decide to delete them!”

Just to sum up the extraordinary claims made by Sam Currie we quote another one made today “I make this pledge to the people of Skelmersdale and West Lancashire today- Elect me on June 8th and I will improve transport links throughout our area”…a claim that relates to what we published yesterday about neglect and disrespect.

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