Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 16, 2017

Wally Whinges About Swimming Pool Options

Copied below is the Wally Westley report handed in at the Aughton Parish Council meeting for the Chairman to read because Wally was committed (I use the term loosely) elsewhere. It’s his usual political humbug and barely worth reporting on, but there is an item on Leisure Strategy that should make us all sit up and wonder why, after all those Wally years of his party having council control, there is a funding crisis about swimming pool replacements  and  [click both to read].

Wally whinges that whereas Park Pool  is far more popular, “…should Skelmersdale get built there would be no money left or borrowing capacity for Ormskirk”. Both have a five year useful life expectancy, so imagine them closing down. Ormskirk’s resident swimmers could go to Sporting Edge. Where could Skelmersdale’s resident swimmers go ?

The great land filling cash creation for private gain scandal at Beacon Park Golf Course   shows how little regard there was by Tory WLBC for this once brilliant leisure facility in Skelmersdale. The demographics show Ormskirk having a population of 25,330 and Skelmersdale 34,492 in 2016. Whose need is greatest?

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