Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 16, 2017

Another “You Couldn’t Make It Up” Policy

It seems that the new “Super Metro Mayors” Rotheram and Burnham  are urging all three major political parties to support the HS3 Liverpool to Hull rail link. And yet between them they haven’t even got a policy to create a small but essential local rail link between Liverpool, Burscough, Skelmersdale, and Ormskirk. They tweeted “@MayorofGM & @Steve4LCRmayor standing up for improved transport in the North. Greater Manchester & Merseyside are going places  with #Labour”. Well, “going places” is not what West Lancashire will be doing any time soon.

Business and political leaders in Northern England have apparently become increasingly focused on a West-East rail link which they say can turbo-charge the Northern Powerhouse by linking cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Hull. Rotheram, said “Liverpool and Manchester built the world’s first ever passenger railway nearly 200 years ago, and there is a compelling logical and economic case for better and faster connectivity between the two cities”.

Perhaps it might eventually dawn on our local politicians that the ever present lack of transport infrastructure here is holding back our economy, just as it is everywhere else in the north-west. Why should we be excluded? Rotherham was quoted as saying faster rail connectivity is a “vital piece of investment for the wider region”. Isn’t that us here in West Lancashire?


  1. Centralise all funding into the big city conurbations, ignore and forget the areas inbetween, sound familiar? HS2 is unlikely to ever reach the north, it will overspend dramatically and no doubt come to a halt at Birmingham. The thought of HS3 will never happen due to huge cost and Westminster failing to invest in real terms further above the Watford gap!

    • It does sound familiar, and we will be forgotten because nobody will fight for us. What’s any local candidate ever even mentioned about decent local rail services? Rosie Cooper wants a Skelmersdale service and station, Currie has only mentioned his star struck meeting with Theresa May! And now he’ll find this isn’t even a target seat for the big majority she wants.

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