Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 15, 2017

Reporter Election Special

News of the local Tory General Election campaign comes in their “Reporter” glossy shown here  [click to read] and the most outstanding question is “Where’s Wally”? As party and council opposition leader he plays no part whatsoever in this campaign paper. No surprise really, his leadership record is abysmal, he’s a vote loser. So the words are put into candidate Sam Currie’s mouth. He does what every Tory all over the country is doing, attacking local Labour for supporting Jeremy Corbyn. And in doing so he attacks Rosie Cooper as one of Corbyn’s foot soldiers. Is this meeting with the floods minister   being a Corbyn foot soldier?

So that Currie attack might not be too wise, as West Lancashire voted “Leave the EU” and Rosie Cooper showed she was true to democracy when she immediately stated “As with the rest of the country, West Lancashire residents voted in favour to Leave by a margin of 55.26 per cent to 44.66 percent. A generation-defining decision. Throughout this campaign there were passionate and deeply held views expressed on both sides of the debate”. And she said “In 2011 I voted to support a Commons motion calling for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. I believed then that the British people needed to have their say on our relationship with the EU. It was clear there was and is huge disillusionment and we need an opportunity to step-back and consider our relationship. I voted for the Bill triggering Article 50 last week because the British people have now had their democratic say and a majority have chosen to leave the EU. Here in West Lancashire 55% of people voting also chose to the leave the EU. Throughout this process I have championed the right of British voters to have their say and absolutely believe those wishes have to be honoured”. The other half of the “Reporter” [click to read] is what we will hear day in day out until election day, strong and stable leadership. Meanwhile we wait for the Rosie Cooper glossy.

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