Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 14, 2017

Election News For Aughton Park

Today is the day we saw the candidacy of Doreen Stephenson for Aughton Park Ward laid bare, threadbare that is. Chosen as the Conservative Candidate in “News from Aughton Conservatives”  [click to read], although the old Aughton Conservative Branch became “West Lancs South (includes Aughton, Bickerstaffe and Halsall)” due we are told to a fall in membership. And allowing for her previous long membership of the WLBC as ward councillor for Halsall you’d expect her to make much of it. But that would expose her to the ridicule of her opponents who a year ago dumped her from office. What did she achieve in Halsall that Aughton needs today?

People will draw their own conclusions, but there is one aspect of her campaign she might come to regret mentioning, “…the importance of the Local Plan” that she, having been a member of the notorious Tory majority vote on 16 October 2013 that “RESOLVED: That the West Lancashire Local Plan 2012-2027 Development Plan Document (DPD), as attached at Appendix A to the Council Report, and the accompanying Policies Map, be adopted”. And so Aughton Park is expected to vote for her in 2017. Of those who signed her nomination for Aughton Park, Atherley, Grant, Jones, all voted with Stephenson on that fateful night, and all are now merely parish councillors.

So the electorate of Aughton Park will see she claims to “…bring her considerable knowledge and experience to the Council…extensive experience on the Borough’s Planning and Licensing Committes” although when asked in Halsall about the Local Plan she voted for, her recorded response was more in hope than expectation of any understanding.

Readers of her manifesto will wonder why, in a local borough council election, she concentrates mainly not on the problems she among others brought to the area but on national matters. So she wants to end “Corbyn Style Politics” which so far as I know haven’t reached Aughton Park yet. And, believe it or not, the Conservative Team for Aughton Park  [click to read] is Doreen Stephenson and Marilyn Westley “Caring and Campaigning for our Community”. They’ve got one thing right though, the required leaflet “Imprint” is lawful unlike the Bailey/Pope shambolic LCC publication. Where is Bailey, he seems to have disappeared from the Conservative website?


  1. What exactly did Doreen do to promote, sorry I meant to say protect, the greenbelt in Halsall? What did Doreen do to protect bus provision in Halsall? What is Doreen’s view on fracking ? Does she now have one now after stating that she had no stance on the issue? How does Doreen vow to serve the residents in Aughton when she failed her own ward of Halsall? Why are there are so many residents of Halsall wanting to serve Aughton wards yet none not wanting to help their own community in Halsall? Are there no residents in Aughton that could represent Aughton? No doubt Aughton will vote for Doreen as she is wearing a blue rosette but do they realise exactly what calibre of councillor they will be getting?

    • Good questions all of them, and there will be more of her abysmal past record to dissect as election day approaches. As for the question of why Halsall residents serving Aughton, it’s as grotesque as Moon from Wyre serving Hesketh.

  2. Given her previous ‘experience’ on Halsall PC, the Tory endorsement for Stephenson is absolutely nothing less than a massive slap in the face and utter insult to the people of Aughton.

    • Absolutely true. Her annual report to the HPC referred to Downholland simply because she got Wally Westley to write it and she didn’t read it to find the mistake. Utterly contemptible.

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