Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 12, 2017

Doreen Who?

How ironic is it that we are visiting “all our yesterdays” about the Local Plan and Plan B appeals mentioned earlier today while we learn that the “old guard” at Aughton Parish Council have been included as Proposer, Seconder, and Assentors for the Conservative candidate Doreen Stephenson for the Aughton Park Ward election.

[click to read]

Rejected by the electorate of Halsall in a flurry of acrimony at the end of her stewardship of the ward, kicked out just a year ago in May 2016 amid celebration parties and even special cakes such as this one  that would take any “bake-off” prize, to commemorate the event, the Aughton old guard have circled their wagons around her. In her Halsall election bumph for 2016 Stephenson explained her greenbelt policy was  for no solar farms and no wind farms. Nothing about housing on agricultural land. It’s so sad for Aughton Park that this is the best her party Chairman and Leader Wally can do for the ward.

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