Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 12, 2017

Crime Watch

Does your local area suffer from more or less crime than the recent past? Crime is always on the agenda at the Aughton Parish Council where it’s the only place to hear what local crimes have been committed in the past month. This week we anticipated a visit from Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw  but he was conspicuous by his absence. We did though hear from Inspector Jolley, who assured us although police are not as visible as we want they are “present but invisible” in plain clothes and vehicles fighting modern crimes including the scourge of drugs. Which is just as well as people attending the APC had witnessed drug dealing in the village hall car park when arriving for the meeting! But crime increases relentlessly, by 30.8% year on year [click to read]. We heard about 18 crimes in the parish, including the usual burglaries, assaults, thefts, harassments, domestics, which were more than half the crimes (35) in the Southern Division. What is so disappointing is that since 2010 when we paid £146.27 for the Police Precept, it is now £165.45. In 2010 we had a Community Beat Manager, Community Support Officer, Police and Communities Together Forum, our brilliant Community Volunteers manning the Police Station, and 40 Neighbourhood Watch schemes. In 2017 all of those services have been reduced. And when you look at this table  of crimes [click to read] you see “Personal Safety…All Drug Offences…2” in a year! Amazing! You can read your own local statistics via “Together we are saferLancashire”  at

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