Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 11, 2017

Why Was Aughton Parish Council Commercially Compromised?

A week ago we asked “Why has Aughton Parish Council allowed Virgin Media time at its AGM?” and it’s apparently because what Virgin Media intends to do, sell more broadband services, will affect the entire parish and most of West Lancashire too. Well, so what, you ask, BT, United Utilities, Morrisons, Aldi, Boots, W H Smith and so on all affect us one way or another, but they haven’t appeared at the APC to extol their virtues.

Anyway, back to Virgin Media and its claim that it’s faster and better than BT Openreach Network. To deliver it they will dig up roads, pavements and grass verges to lay their super duper hybrid fibre coax to deliver up to 300Mbps, which transforms our broadband market.

These pics will help you to see where and how   [click pics to enlarge]

But before we run ahead of ourselves, let’s be clear that Virgin Media [click to read] is really Liberty Global Group plc and its shares are quoted on the NASDAQ exchange in US Dollars. But when told by the speaker this new venture was funded by a private investor, he was asked from the public “will the firm pay tax on British profits for the benefit of British taxpayers” or will they be paid offshore and Parish Chairman Jones quickly stopped a reply. We must wait now to see if BT has the right of reply to its competitor!

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