Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 11, 2017

The Tory Rebel Who Wants To Make Things Better

…is very slow off his mark . Getting rid of Wally from the LCC was a great move. But as of right now there is no “Notice of Vacancy Derby Ward” published by WLBC. And so Cllr Greenall is a two hatter. But it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

“Having been elected to County Hall yesterday, my days as a Borough Cllr are now numbered. #KeepingMyPledge”. Is Monday early enough? Seems not”.

“Attended Aughton Parish Council last night. Some important local issues discussed. Hope I can be of assistance in future. 11:48 PM – 8 May 2017”

“This year Lancashire tax payers will pay £8,878 for 3 Political Whips (p.7). Outrageous, fix our pot holes instead! 4:23 PM – 25 Mar 2017”

“When I go to work I take my own lunch, but if you are a County Councillor you can claim for it. Outrageous! (p.8). 4:12 PM – 25 Mar 2017”

“Why do tax payers in Lancashire fund County Council political roles e.g. Group Secretary and Group Whip? (see p.7). 3:36 PM – 25 Mar 2017”

“Leafleting 2day I was asked if I’ll be both a Borough & County Cllr? ‘No’ I replied, if elected 2 County in May I’ll resign my Borough seat. 1:12 PM – 12 Mar 2017″.

Just get on with it!

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