Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 9, 2017

Beacon Park Nine Hole Course Coming Summer 2017

Our very own West Lancashire Community Leisure states “Welcome to Beacon Park Golf Centre where you can play a round of golf on our 18 Hole Par 72 course, hone your putting skills on the green. Coming summer 2017 is a 9 hole par 27 course to test your skills even further. Summer in the UK is officially from 21st June. So a quick visit to the course today reveals what is now the new 9 hole course. Click all the pics to examine what is rated playable “to test your skills”!  Horrible dry and cracked landfill exposed for what it is.  Will testing your skills here leave you with a broken ankle from rubble hidden by tall weeds , perhaps? Will you end up on a stretcher after walking on the 18 hole fairway near to this  to recover your ball? And what about the splendid new foot golf facility?  You could be forgiven for thinking this is simply a derelict rubbish heap? It is! With grateful thanks to West Lancashire Community Leisure, Serco Leisure Operating, Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd for their amazing golf course creational skills. And by the way they claim that “Beacon Park Golf Centre is suitable for children to learn the sport of golf”. Really?

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