Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 8, 2017

Depleted Council At Aughton Parish

There was a depleted council for the Annual Meetings at Aughton tonight, with Cllr Grant who vacated the Chair after two “memorable years” for Cllr Jones to take over. Big news was the election of Margaret Boulton as Vice Chairman rather than the usual establishment figure. So Cllrs Grant, Jones, Atherley, Roberts, and Boulton just took us over the quorum line  and Cllr Wohlers arrived a little late. It’s unusual for over three hours of meetings taking us well past time for our cocoa but there was much to discuss and report on. Suffice for now to register that Borough and County Cllrs galore attended, O’Toole to give us his blatantly political views but why change the habits of a lifetime, Paul Greenall as a new LCC Cllr who confirmed he will vacate the WLBC Derby Ward seat, and Nikki Hennessy as a WLBC and LCC Cllr and Aughton resident too. Wannabe Aughton Park candidate Doreen Stephenson attended. Non attenders were the Westlephants and Cllr Currie. It was left to new Chairman Jones to read the Wally Annual Report, which by chance was the anti-climax of the evening, but how could serial failure upon failure and rejection by Ormskirk’s electorate persuade a chap to enter such an arena?


  1. Panto Jones is the front part of the horse now? God help us! And Stephenson is on the sniff? Thats bad news for Aughton surely, given the blatant contempt that she showed Halsall residents on a VERY regular basis.

    • As it happens Doreen Stephenson approached me before the meeting and assured me she would serve Aughton Park well, all of which was water off a duck’s back. Deeds not words, the record of ineptitude, are what people see. This Tory selection bodes ill for Aughton Park with two Halsall residents as representatives just as Parrs Lane comes to the boil.

      • Ah yes, Dumb and Dumber -I can’t remember which is which- one writes reports for the other to copy/paste.

        Such assurance was a waste of breath, surely. Considering how she “served” the area where she lives -seemingly when she wasn’t absent she was alienating the village against herself- how would she “serve” a different area?

        Well, the tory voters of Aughton will get EXACTLY the candidate they deserve.

      • With luck an “anyone but Doreen” movement will arise and stop her being anointed? I must ask Al Packer what he thinks!

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