Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 7, 2017

Hacked In West Lancashire?

It seems normal now for failed political candidates to claim to have been “massively hacked” and we wonder if that was the case in West Lancashire last Thursday. On 1st May County Councillor Wally Westley said “Having Theresa May come to West Lancashire is a spectacular way to get Sam Currie’s General Election Campaign underway and was a real boost for my County Campaign just before polling day on Thursday”. The “real boost” boast “dumped” on Wally who is no longer a county councillor and Currie lost badly in Skelmersale Central . So there might a suspicion of hacking that has ruined Wally’s impeccable election record. Or, the alternative view is that after Wally was pushed out of the safe seat blue zone he’s always occupied , residents of Ormskirk didn’t want a retread and chose wisely for Nikki Hennessy . Understandable.

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