Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 6, 2017

Revisiting Granville And Winifred

In April last year at a Halsall Parish Council meeting Cllr David O’Toole was asked about his choice of roads he was nominating for repair in his County Division and he replied “The two. That over a two year period I had more complaints and comments on in the whole of my division Granville and Winifred. Both are used as a rat run by hundreds every day to get to Town Green School, Town Green station and the very popular Huytons shop and the local Spar. They were ranked 1 and 2 by highway officers but overruled by CC Fillis. Outrageous !!!”

But hope springs eternal and a year on, Granville is to be repaired as a last gesture from CC Fillis whose party lost control of the county yesterday. The rat runners will have a smoother ride, no more damage to their SUVs, and CC Fillis can enjoy a happy retirement from his hot highways seat.

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