Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 5, 2017

Greenall, The Aftermath

In July 2016 we reported that “Derby Ward Borough Conservative Councillor Greenall has tweeted “I’m seeking the Conservative nomination 4 the West Lancashire (East) County Council seat 4 2017, because it’s my home & it deserves better!” His home is in Westhead. Served by County Councillor David Westley, and yes, it did deserve better

Cllr Greenall also tweeted “Data received from @LancashireCC – 57% of County Cllrs are also Borough Cllrs. If I become Cllr 4 West Lancs East, I will not wear 2 hats!”

And now Dr Paul Greenall  is giving his home better service by replacing Wally and has tweeted “Very honoured to have been elected to serve my community @ County Hall”. We just need to be told he’s still adamant he won’t wear two hats?

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