Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 2, 2017

Sam The Daffodil Man

The Prime Minister was out meeting residents in Ormskirk yesterday to help launch the general election campaign of the newly selected Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the West Lancashire Constituency, Sam Currie. Sam, after a short career in the Royal Navy as a Signals Store Operator between January 2013 and June 2015, is now a marketing adviser with a leading firm of estate agents. His experience as a sales assistant at Barönjon Menswear [whoops, it closed down ] will be helpful in flogging us the Westleconomics blueprint for the borough! He lives in West Lancashire, is a Borough Councillor for the Aughton & Downholland Ward and the Conservative spokesman for Leisure and Community and for the cultivation of daffodils.

Commenting on his selection Sam Currie said “As a truly local candidate, I am delighted to be standing in West Lancashire and would be honoured to represent it in Parliament. I would be a strong local voice on the issues that matter to our area. For instance I recently gave some advice at the Aughton Parish Council meeting to a local resident who was concerned about the scruffy land at the corner of Winifred Lane  [click to enlarge] which also grows a bountiful crop of beautiful daffodils. They must be cut at the right time to guarantee next year’s flowers”. What an amazing manifesto he brings to our attention.

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