Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 1, 2017

Theresa May In West Lancashire


  1. Just seen him toadying up to her in Mawdsley. It was on Northwest Tonight.

    • Well, that would ruin a Bank Holiday, what with her also meeting Currie in Hilltop Walk in Ormskirk too. Currie believes he can win the seat from Rosie Cooper. He’s tweeted “I’ve been asked how seriously Conservatives are taking West Lancs. Well here is your emphatic answer. #Congain #GE2017”. Currie won the safest Tory council seat in Aughton a year ago, is a LCC candidate in Skelmersdale, and now West Lancashire Constituency. He’s joined at the hip with Wally Westley…must be a high flyer then?

  2. Lol say what you like but Currie certainly has a sense of humour! Mrs Mayhem hasn’t got the bottle to face a live debate and instead creeps around the country attending invite-only hush hush events. Sums her up, really. Weak and feeble.

    • From what I saw reported she was in the company of creeps who, strangely enough, didn’t take her to their pride and joy development sites on greenbelt land, the areas that flood, the fracking centre of West Lancashire, to name a few. I didn’t see her with the other creepy side of the local party, what’s her name resurrected from defeat in Halsall last year to “represent” and I use the word loosely, the good people of Aughton Park.

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