Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 30, 2017

Remember The Slur Against Decent People?

Those voters who want to support candidates with integrity on Thursday might remember what the Champion newspaper printed on it’s front page  “AUGHTON residents are calling for Councillor David Westley to resign – after he called the two-year campaign to keep Parrs Lane in the greenbelt ‘a waste of time’ and alleged that door to door campaigners had told lies.

After Colin Atkinson, chairman for the Aughton Residents Group (2012) raised the issue of the formulation of the neighbourhood plan to discuss the future of Aughton at public question time at the Aughton Parish Council meeting on Monday December 9, Lancashire County Councillor Westley, who represents Aughton and Downholland told Colin Atkinson that campaigners had wasted two years talking to the Borough Council.

He said “The campaign was a disaster, lies were told door to door and the campaign was a waste of time.” He then walked out of the meeting at Aughton Village Hall amid shouts that the campaigners had not lied, jeers and calls for his resignation.

Colin Atkinson described his behaviour as childish and unprofessional – and said that he expects an apology from Councillor Westley for his ‘unwarranted’ remarks. He said: “I attended a meeting about the formation of the neighbourhood plan under the Localism Act with Councillor Westley, Councillor O’Toole and Councillor Grant on Wednesday December 4 and they said that the matter was a issue to be raised with the Aughton Parish Council but tonight Aughton Parish Council asked Councillor Westley to advise on it. He took exception to me mentioning that it could be just four years until Parrs Lane could be built upon and I expect an apology for his unprofessional behaviour.“

Aughton resident Jim Burgess added: ”The Council and the Aughton Parish Council are just playing games between the two of them. I don’t think that Borough Councillors should be involved in Parish Council meetings, dictating policy. Councillor Westley suggested that whatever you do will be a waste of time.“

Aughton resident Hilda Rawsthorne said ”Councillor Westley saying that the campaign was a waste of time illustrates the whole issue about what the Borough Council wanted to do with planning.“

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