Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 23, 2017

Theresa May Didn’t Consult Wally About The General Election

Having recently been appointed Conservative Association chairman, Wally Westley might have expected a call from Theresa May about the general election. But County and Borough Councillor Wally Westley confirmed that although the Conservative Party will be fielding a candidate in West Lancashire, when speaking to he said the snap election announcement had caught the West Lancashire Conservatives “quite by surprise”. Perhaps Mrs May’s been told how his local leadership has been a disaster, losing the council to Labour is hardly endearing to the top brass?

“An announcement of the Conservative Party candidate for West Lancashire is expected to be made by Friday April 28. In 2015 Conservative candidate Paul Greenall contested MP Cooper’s seat, winning 32% of the vote”. Will Wally grovel to Paul Greenall after the disclosure by our mole inside the Tory party of “Snidegate”  by asking him to stand? Or has Wally got a surprise for us all by declaring his own candidature?

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