Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 21, 2017


Councillor versus councillor in West Lancashire is usually Labour versus Tory, but in the Tory party it’s Tory versus Tory, or in “snidegate” D Westley versus P Greenall. The historical 2013 spat referred to canvassing, or the possible lack of it, being queried directly at Westley as shown here  [click to read]. Showing all the signs of a dysfunctional party then, four years later the conflict is characterized by a breakdown of normal or beneficial relationships between them.

As we all know Cllr Greenall announced he was chosen to replace Wally as the candidate for West Lancashire East at the forthcoming county council elections, Wally announced he wasn’t, Greenall was duly selected, and Wally got not just a bloody nose but the runners up prize of candidate for Ormskirk. Rejected from West Lancashire East, does rejection from LCC loom large?

Remember when Wally was interviewed about the poor retail occupancy in Skelmersdale being the worst in the country? The broadcast interview clearly showed his la-la-land state of being out of touch when he stated “I didn’t know that”.

Remember when Adrian Owens…”was elected Leader of the Conservative Group on the council by the 27-strong group of councillors in a secret ballot – one person, one vote. Two Conservative councillors wouldn’t accept that decision and immediately set about destabilising the Group. Regretfully, they were aided and abetted by the newly elected Deputy Leader, Councillor Westley who had just lost the Leadership Election”?

Remember how we all realised the Wallyparty was creating a new importation policy, that of hiding the lack of local Tory talent by importing unknown Wyre Cllr Moon for Hesketh with Becconsall?

Reading that line in the email above “Absolutely pointless and exceedingly annoying but all too typical” might be the epitaph for Wally and his county ambitions. Time will tell. But what awaits residents of Ormskirk if Wally is elected? Will it be the same as the infamous accusations made against the decent and honourable residents of Aughton, defamed as “telling lies door to door” simply for collecting petition signatures against the development of Parrs Lane? Of the four candidates for Ormskirk, have Hennessy, Johnson, or Pickering ever accused the electorate of telling lies? Choose wisely, choose for honesty, choose for decency, choose anyone but Wally.


  1. The ferrets are well and truly fighting in the sack. Why anyone would vote for David Westley is beyond me.

    • They are, and seemingly more fighting to follow. Why should anyone vote for Wally defeats me too.

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