Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 20, 2017

The WLBC 7 Year Flooding Secret

Burscough Flooding Group wrote to WLBC Councillor Planning Committee Members “In July 2010 a secret WLBC and Environment Agency report stated the following about the Tollgate Road flooding problem “There are no immediate remedial actions identified for Tollgate Road. The reported flooding is attributed to either the operational or hydraulic problems within the public/private drainage systems.” (West Lancashire Borough Council Burscough Flood Studies Investigation, July 2010 Entec UK Ltd)

“Those same flooding problem persist to this day and Burscough Parish Council still receives complaints of flooding on the Tollgate Road and flooding is clearly shown on the Environment Agencies surface water flooding maps.

“This 2010 report only came to light very recently. When Burscough Flooding Group (BFG) saw it we asked WLBC why it had been kept secret [for 7 years] and was told, “This was undertaken to help both WLBC and EA Officers further understand the drainage network in the area  …….” (Kim Webber  30th March 2017).

“Yet on the 13th February 2014 a WLBC Memorandum from WLBC’s Principal Engineer stated that “LCC have abandoned their normal protocol ………. by accepting surface water runoff to the highway drain [at 5l/s]” because “Given there are no known flooding incidents here [on the Tollgate Road], even under extreme rainfall, it is reasonable to assume that the developed site will cause no more than acceptable impact in the public highway …….” (LCC development Support Manager 5th February 2014).

“Finally, on June 11th 2016 the SUDS system at the back of Booths overflowed onto the Tollgate Road adding to the usual flood and blocking the full width of the road . In addition, half a mile of the A59 was between the Booths roundabout and the A59/A5290 Square Lane, had to be closed due to flooding (which was unprecedented in its severity despite the fact that the weather wasn’t). Simultaneously the foul and surface water sewers on Lordsgate Lane surcharged leading to complaints by residents to BFG that they had suffered the worst flooding ever.

“Had WLBC shared its knowledge with its Flood Risk Management Partner LCC and the developer then the flood would have been avoided. No doubt the development would have still gone ahead, however, the reputation of the site and food retailers on it wouldn’t now be damaged nor would Burscough be further blighted by avoidable floods that will continue every time it rains very hard for the foreseeable future.

“You, our Planning Committee Members, are the only people who can change this situation”.


  1. Makes you wonder whose side WLBC are on, because it sure isn’t residents! WLBC are PANTS!

    • WLBC seems to accept residents should have to live with Victorian standards of flooding and sanitation and its officers are seemingly masters of the art of avoiding answering what was asked.

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