Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 20, 2017

On Making A Snide Remark

At risk of again being accused by Cllr D Westley of being “a website that has pretentions of being some sort of news outlet but is in fact nothing more than an internet troll spouting malicious bile and hiding behind a cloak of anonymity” it’s always been the intention of this website to expose the extraordinary and sometimes nasty lengths some politicians will go to in pursuit of the highest public office.

To be accused of making a snide remark is to stand accused of being derogatory in a nasty, insinuating manner. Sad it is to relate that in a series of personal emails in April/May 2013 the phrase was used when Westley wrote of Paul Greenall “Your snide remark is somewhat typical but no doubt motivated by your failed attempt to pinch my seat”. As it happens, four years on, Paul Greenall is the candidate for West Lancashire East and Westley is the candidate for Ormskirk. Seat pinched, or democratic choice? The relevant email exchange is here [click to read]

The West Lancashire Conservative Association has published “Paul Greenall has represented Derby Ward on the Borough Council since 2001. He lives with his family in Westhead Village and is the Conservative candidate for the new West Lancashire East seat, in the 2017 elections to Lancashire County Council. Paul was the Mayor of West Lancashire (May 2012-2013). He is married to Louise and they live in Westhead village with their two children. Paul is a Psychologist and works in Liverpool and Manchester. Paul has been a Derby Ward Councillor since 2001. In the 2010 general election he was the Conservative Candidate in St Helens (North) where obtained the best Conservative poll since 1992. Paul was the Deputy Chairman (Political) of the West Lancs Conservative Association from March 2013-6”.

Greenall has previously tweeted as being the Deputy, and was chosen and anointed…”The Leader has appointed the Cabinet members below with the following portfolios i.e. area of responsibility: Deputy Leader and Street Scene: Councillor Paul Greenall”. In 2007 Greenall  wrote for “If the Conservative Party is to stand for anything in the 21st century, it must be the rejection of what some are calling our “post-democratic age” and the re-establishment and maintenance of an honest and open democracy in Britain; one in which politicians and institutions serve the people, not the other way round”.

Who will wonder at the choice of the phrase “an honest and open democracy in Britain” without asking how could Westley and Greenall work together at the LCC should, perhaps perish the thought, they are both elected on 4 May?


  1. To be quite honest, I think they’re both a pair of useless plonkers.

    • Be as honest as you wish, your version of honesty is worth far more than is apparent in what has been disclosed.

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