Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 18, 2017

West Lancashire Pensioners Welcome Nikki Hennessy

Borough and County Cllr Nikki Hennessy attended the monthly meeting of the West Lancashire Pensioners’ Forum today  to receive their thanks for her support of this local organisation, and for a donation she arranged from the County Fund for the wellbeing of the members .


  1. So the cost of the meeting will be included in her declaration of election expenses will it?

    • The costs of the Forum meetings are paid by the members through their annual subscriptions. It is disingenuous to suggest they form a part of any councillor expenses, which we certainly don’t contribute to, being a non-political organisation whose aims are to promote the welfare, benefit and living conditions of retired people in the borough. As a Conservative candidate writes today in his election bumph, “I’ve been delighted to support local organisations from my county fund, including youth groups most recently £500 in Haskayne…faith groups…a bowling club…the U3A…sporting challenge, and many others. Is he wrong to claim these donations as part of his election manifesto?

  2. I don’t dispute what you say about how the meeting is funded. However, as only one candidate has been given a platform during the election period then election law is quite clear – she needs to declare the cost on her election expense form as a donation to her campaign as it clearly furthers her election.

    • What platform did she have? The event was booked a month ago, during which time candidates have issued manifestos. The WLPF is absolutely non-political. Under its Constitution its members are forbidden to refer to their membership when making public political statements. No press attended today, there was no mention of politics whatsoever. I attended the Annual Meeting of the Halsall Parish Council last Wednesday, Cllr O’Toole attended to present his annual report as a County Councillor and it was full of political statements. Is he suspected of receiving costs that he must declare on his election expenses form? And just to be clear, this website favours no party but detests individual politicians who lie or call residents liars, or who in their time in office misused public money to drink alcohol in Derby Street after council meetings while it was admitted no stock checks were made.

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