Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 13, 2017

Viewing Area For Fracking Site

The fracking company, Cuadrilla, said today it had set up a viewing area for its Preston New Road shale gas site near Blackpool . In a statement, it said the area would allow “interested members of the public to observe the site from a safe location as work progresses and from which to conduct peaceful and lawful protest, if they wish”.

The announcement comes a day after the High Court judge, Sir Ian Dove, dismissed two legal challenges to the planning permission for the Preston New Road site. There have been roadside protests since Cuadrilla began work on 5 January 2017. Opponents described the viewing area as “yet another attempt [by Cuadrilla] to ingratiate themselves with the community they have forced themselves upon”.

Cuadrilla said the area, measuring about 18mx12m, would be open during daylight hours, from about 9am-5pm each day that work was taking place. The statement said the area had clear visibility of the site. The company said “Members of the public interested in viewing the site are encouraged to make use of the space, which will ensure that the major A583 road and entrance junction is not obstructed and is kept safe and secure for all road users”.

Preston New Road Action Group show a drone picture of the site . The Group which brought one of the challenges to the planning permission, responded to the announcement “It’s an interesting and grim take that Cuadrilla feel they need a “viewing area” at their Preston New Road site. Perhaps this is part of their belief that fracking will attract tourism. Yet another PR stunt, yet another attempt to ingratiate themselves with the community they have forced themselves upon”.


  1. What an excellent addition to existing attractions in and around the Blackpool area. Have Quadrilla thought about a picnic area or a visitor centre to attract more visitors to watch and witness this foul process? We could then have “friends and family fracking” or perhaps “polluting parties”

    • And don’t forget the aroma, the “bouquet”, the sweet smell of poisonous gases as they seep into the atmosphere for all to enjoy, a term I apply loosely!

  2. This action shows utter contempt for the community upon which they are trying to force this industry. Shame on this company!

    • It’s a shame on them, no doubt, but backed by the government and the judiciary they can gloat about it.

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