Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 13, 2017

Council Directors Surplus To Requirements?

Did you know we have three highly paid directors of WLBC who triplicate some overlapping gardening, trees and landscaping, and grounds maintenance services? It’s true, just look at the job descriptions below, all listed.

We have a Director of Housing and Inclusion: Jacqui Sinnott-Lacey; Housing and policy strategy, housing options, estate management/regeneration, rents and money advice, sheltered housing, property management, asset management, caretaking and gardening. Salary package circa £70k+.

We have a Director of Development and Regeneration; John Harrison; Economic development, estates and evaluation, technical services, sustainable drainage, Ormskirk market, off street parking, planning policy, development management, planning enforcement, building control, heritage and conservation, trees and landscaping, environmental strategy, street naming and numbering, planning support. Salary package circa £82k+

We have a Director of Street Scene: Heidi McDougall; Street scene strategy, transport, fleet maintenance, street cleaning, grounds maintenance, refuse and recyclables collections, depot, commercial waste collections, weighbridge and transfer facility. Salary package circa £70k+.

Are your village or town greens seldom mowed and when they are they are left scruffy with cuttings and border crops of dandelions, your pavements overgrown with weeds , [click pics to enlarge] and road debris neglected, all in the name of austerity? Which of the above directors might you complain to, via your councillor of course? All three?

So when might we expect a very expensive consultancy to hold another very expensive senior staff review that will justify these management discrepancies and confirm that ring-fencing of director posts is paramount?

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