Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 12, 2017

Downholland To Be Fracked?

When news came today that Lancashire can be legally fracked, the frequent warnings from Cllr Maureen Mills of what being in the area of PEDL164 might mean were justified. As it happens the Haskayne and Downholland Residents Association report from Roy Cunliffe was published in the KIT Spring 2017 edition. You can read it here  [click to read]. Once again it proves the value of the real and appreciated knowledge of Cllr Maureen Mills against speculative doubts of the somewhat inexperienced Cllr Currie. Cllr Mills did indeed arrange and hold a very informative meeting in Halsall. Sadly Cllr Currie wasn’t there to learn, as Roy Cunliffe believes, that Haskayne needs to support the established surrounding groups who are “fighting our corner”. And now the Court has supported the Government policy to frack, we can all enjoy the ending of the pathetic walkouts at council meetings because of “pre-determination” which is now already determined!

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