Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 12, 2017

Cllr Sam Currie And The Folly Of Youth

Cllr Sam Currie came from nowhere and seems to be going nowhere, if his remarks in the KIT Downholland Newsletter Spring 2017 edition are to be believed. In his Tory anger over green bin charges he has expected the Halsall member of the Labour party to comply with his Tory views because, to quote him “I feel the areas are similar and we should always put the residents we represent first. Naturally it came as a shock when unfortunately Cllr Mills went ahead and voted for it”. You can read it here [click to read] including the farcical statement that “the Borough Council have recently voted in favour of charging all residents for Green Bin collection”. They haven’t, they will charge those who opt to be charged, who want the service. If this is the best Cllr Currie is capable of at least the residents of Skelmersdale will be forewarned not to waste a vote for him in May!

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