Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 11, 2017

Notes From The Aughton Parish Council Meeting

The meeting of seven councillors (two absent sent apologies) and the clerk was also attended by nine members of the public. Also, the Westleyphant was in the room, as was Cllr Sam “Titchmarsh” Currie who was silent on this occasion about dealing with our daffodils. Halsall Cllr Maureen Mills attended as did two members of the Frack Free Formby group .

After the domestics we were soon into the Public Session, on such matters as the possible effects of fracking on Aughton including underground contamination; a question (unanswered) seeking enlightenment on the sudden resignation of the former Aughton Park Cllr Bailey; and some extreme anti-social behaviour by large groups of youths affecting Granville Park. A member of the public wanted to know if some consideration might be given to local amenities for said anti-social youths, generally congregating via social media messages and leaving behind evidence of drug usage and seen breaking into empty houses there.

Once again the state of the Town Greens  was raised. It seems the borough council that had promised some landscaping and planting on these borough housing area Greens has informed APC there are no funds available due to austerity. And the APC won’t “adopt” them to avoid the eyesores they become through neglect. The APC did though agree to write to the borough council when a difference in mowing standards between the Town Greens and The Grove  was pointed out [click both pics to view]

Also reported was some damage to trees owned by the Parish Council committed by the official gardener and some criminal damage done to the bowling green. There were 11 reported crimes in the month, a drop in number which although an improvement is unsatisfactory. They included domestic disturbances, thefts, assaults with and without injury, public order offences, and burglary.

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