Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 9, 2017

Burscough Foul Water Flow

Burscough Flooding Group has made a second objection to WLBC about 2016/1318/FUL, “Development of 2 No. Class B1 office buildings with associated car park, landscaping and boundary treatment”, made in light of the recent amendments to the drainage plans. Gavin Rattray reports below.

“Summary: BFG object to the application because it will add foul flow to a system that is hydraulically inadequate and increase the flooding risk to residents of Admiralty Close and Lordsgate Lane. We would remove that objection if UU put in place a solid plan to increase the capacity of the sewer network in Lordsgate Lane and Admiralty Close before the final Booths development is finished and occupied.

“We won’t comment on the revised SUDs system, except to say that it is discharging water into a hydraulically inadequate system and also that BPC intend to employ an independent drainage expert to look at the developers plans. We ask that the committee kindly consider delaying any decision on 2016/1318/FUL until their report can be considered by the committee members.

“Explanation: In January 2016 Burscough Flooding Group made detailed objections to the planning application for the final parts of the Booth’s development.

“Since then BFG attended a site meeting with the Ian Summersgill (the development’s representative) who showed us around the site. We were able to ask questions which were answered and tell him some of the history of flooding and of the recent flooding that happened last summer when the Tollgate Road flooded badly, making it impassable; and the Booths site was seen to be discharging water onto the road. Simultaneously Lordsgate Lane and Admiralty Close suffered foul and surface water flooding. Note: I spoke to a UU engineer at the time because the A59 combined sewer also surcharged so badly that the road was closed by Police. The UU engineer said that the rainfall was equivalent to a 1 in 16 year event.

“Ian Summersgill stated that they had never been given any information about the long term flooding issues on the Tollgate Road. The inadequacies of UUs surface water sewer are mentioned in WLBCs secret 2010 report and its 2012 SFRA. Nor had they been given any information by WLBC about the very long term foul and surface water sewer flooding problems in Lordsgate Lane (since circa 1993).

“Ian Summersgill also stated that they had recently been told by UU they can no longer discharge any surface water into UUs Lordsgate Lane sewer. BFG believed that this change has averted a disaster for residents on the scale of the Ainscough Mill sewer floods and is the first public admission by UU that there is a lack of capacity in the Admiralty Close/Lordsgate Lane sewers.

“Finally, Lordsgate Lane and the Tollage Road have been flooding for years due to the inadequacies of UUs foul and surface water sewer networks. Whether Booths add to the flooding or not, without action by UU to increase their network capacities, it is inevitable that the Booths development will either be blamed and/or the flooding will continue to detract from the development and the town as a whole”.

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