Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 4, 2017

Hypocritical Councillors Hiding The Truth About Privatised Contracts?

West Lancashire Conservatives when in control of West Lancashire Borough Council gave Serco Leisure Operating Limited a long term contract. And later WLBC stated “West Lancashire Community Leisure agreed in January 2013 to take on the responsibility for the Beacon Golf Course  and agreed a business plan with Serco Leisure Operating Limited, this provided for a surplus to be made after a period of service review and redevelopment. The surplus provision allows for one third shares, one third to the Borough Council, one third to West Lancashire Community Leisure and one third to Serco Leisure Operating Limited. It is not expected that any surplus will be made until 2017/18”. Born optimists !

In February 2014 there was a call from Lancashire County Conservatives for an independent inquiry into “…a company which is entirely owned by BT and over which the Council has absolutely no control. Not only is this hypocritical, but it is also a betrayal of those staff concerned. We are beginning to see why this County Administration is so vehemently opposed to a truly independent inquiry into matters surrounding the original contract with BT. In my opinion, this needs to take place, as Lancashire’s residents and Council Tax-payers have a right to know exactly what has happened”.

As for the Beacon Park Golf Course development, in a letter dated 12 December 2011 that confirmed conditions reported in a report by a WLBC officer it was stated “The modifications to the golf course will result in infill of between 1.7m on northern parts to a maximum of 6.5m where steeper mounding is required on the lower western side. However, the average infill will be 2m. Such works are significant and will be noticeable in parts. Despite this, given the undulating nature of the golf course and the dispersal of the works over a substantial area of land, I consider that the works will not be viewed in isolation and will merge into the landscape, thereby maintaining the openness and visual amenity of the Green Belt”. Perhaps the pictures taken a few days ago  reflect what is described as “dispersal of the works [landfill]  over a substantial area of land”?

May we long remember that phrase contained within the Tory 2014 call “Not only is this hypocritical…” as we look again at Beacon Park Golf Course. 41 seconds and then 2minutes 10seconds into this video shows you the driving range filled with concrete, rubble, clay, metal, anything that paid cash into the hands of subcontractors at the expense of council tax payers.

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