Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 4, 2017

Election Of County Councillors Runners And Riders

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  1. Good to see what appear to be Independents in the running. Interesting to see that the tories have back-stabbed Burscough resident Ruth Melling by parachuting her into unwinnable Skem West whilst NIMBY Pope, an assertive advocate for massive levels of house building in Burscough whilst his own manor was safely protected, is handed Burscough and Rufford to go for. Let’s hope The Nasty Party get what they thoroughly deserve. The BOOT.

    • Not enough independents. Melling a paper candidate just to avoid embarrassment, as are all opponents of Labour in Skelmersdale. UKIP represented as are OWLs. Greenall faces a real scrap and so does Wally in Ormskirk. But Mills v O’Toole looks juicy, and if locals rise up against the Parrs Lane proposal and Labour gets its vote out, retirement (P45) from the county is staring O’Toole in the face.

  2. David Westley’s de-selection from West Lancashire East confirmed. What a humiliation!

    • He’s losing, or lost, all credibility and taking his party with him. Imagine his list of failures already, how many more to come? Tory voters must be horrified.

  3. Let the games commence! Time for some candidates to dig out their “predetermination cloaks” for all those fracking and flooding questions!

    • You must mean those who express ignorance of predetermination laws, or who are just plain ignorant, full stop?

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