Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 31, 2017

Whither Thou Goest Sue Bailey?

While Aughton is agog with news of the shock resignation of Cllr Bailey and what a hurry she left in, it is also concerned not to be “Mooned” by the Tory party as was the case in Hesketh-with-Becconsall last May. Imagine yet another scandal of there being another Tory of another borough sitting in Derby Street with two allowances!

As we wrote in 2014 “It seems that in Aughton Park ward enough residents believed the Conservative candidate and Parbold resident Sue Bailey when her “Spring 2014 intouch” was published by Graham Jones who had the temerity to write to a resident that “On the subject of leaflets, I thought that the UKIP leaflet was misleading”. Can you believe he claimed that? On her behalf it was claimed about local housing that “Aughton is a highly desirable place to live and we’ve managed to limit the growth to that required for housing of local families”…but THAT’S not misleading! The odds are Cllr Bailey will not become a local resident, although there are some fine properties for sale in Moss Delph Lane area, one a mere snip at £595,000 and described as “lavish”. [She did not come to live in Aughton Park]

And the same people must have believed her claim that “The Parish Council have [sic] worked with the Police to establish the Police point at the station, supported by an excellent team of volunteers. The comments of local MP are an insult to their hard work and commitment of the volunteers. So desperate is she to avoid Labour’s disgrace for leaving Aughton residents at the mercy of cross-border criminals that she blames the Parish Council, a body that has a tiny budget and no power over policing at all”. [What utter rubbish]

And then there was that gem of a comment she made “WE always remember that the money we spend is yours!” and now she is a councillor we wait to see if she remembers whose pockets are regularly picked to fund the gravy train and the booze in the Westley Arms.

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