Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 29, 2017

The Grey Mullet Party

It seems that a Tory agent is upset by their talent pool that catches “Grey Mullet” Candidates. He writes today “The Party’s new Local Government selection rules are, on balance, an improvement, bringing further clarity to the composition of the Local Government Selection Panel, the appeals process and, perhaps most importantly, the replacement of the convoluted rule about “branches can run their own selections if the membership is at least two per cent of the Conservative vote at the most recent election.

“But five pages of rules and procedures about how we select our council candidates are of little use if the incumbent is automatically reselected if no-one else applies, or if the pool in which we fish for talent is so shallow that all we can catch is grey mullet . And, regrettably, as Associations stumble on with little training and support, apart from access to printed “Best Practice” guides, so the soft skills required to identify and develop not just potential council candidates but the leaders of tomorrow continue to wither on the vine”.

Just like West Lancashire Conservatives, led by someone who has been promoted far beyond his ability, and we watch them and their grey mullets meander through the wilderness of opposition. As we learn today of the resignation of a local Aughton Park councillor who lived away from the ward and whose performance is considered to have been abysmal, we hope for a local resident to come forward and receive the backing of those who care about true localism and not party whips!

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