Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 28, 2017

From “Free After Three” to “Search And Fine”?

Not so long ago Labour wanted “free after three” parking in West Lancashire, but now they are accused by Our West Lancashire  of taking extreme measures to “fill the council’s coffers”.

OWLs state “Revealed—Confidential Council plans to employ private company to install enforcement cameras on council car parks in Ormskirk. Our West Lancashire say “No” to “Search and Fine”

Our West Lancashire state “In January, the Labour council cabinet excluded the public and press from the cabinet meeting and then agreed to negotiations with a private company, Bemrose Mobile , to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras on the Ormskirk Town centre council car parks. The Conservatives did not oppose these plans.

“We’d like to tell you more but the council report remains confidential. However, Bemrose Mobile’s  website says of their Enforcement Cameras:”Our intelligent solutions work towards the provision of a perfect parking operation. Using sophisticated analysis, we can alert Enforcement in real-time of parking infringements – whether vehicles have: stayed beyond the maximum free allowance; haven’t paid; stayed beyond the amount of time for which they have paid.

Our specially designed software will collect parking payments and track and identify parking infringements. We send instant alerts to the Enforcement team. The enforcement then continues as normal, with PCN’s placed on vehicles.”

The January Cabinet Agenda resolved (A) That the maximum parking period at the Wheatsheaf Walks Car Park be extended from 2 hours to 4 hours. (B) That it be agreed in principle that the new car parking system outlined in the report be taken forward, subject to further discussions with Bemrose Mobile and all issues in Section 5 of this report being fully understood and resolved. (C) That the Director of Development and Regeneration, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Planning, be given delegated authority to negotiate and agree a contract on suitable terms and conditions for the Council to engage Bemrose Mobile for the installation and operation of specific parking control equipment. This delegation to include the ability to agree the length of any trial period, agree which car parks the equipment should be installed in and to enter into an agreement with Bemrose Mobile to use their Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System for a trial period. (D) That an exemption to the Council’s Contract Procedure Rules be granted in respect of (C) above given that the service being offered by Bemrose Mobile is unique and meets the future operational requirements of the Council, as outlined in Section 5 of the report. (E ) That in relation to the existing parking ticket machines, in the event that suitable contract terms and conditions cannot be negotiated with Bemrose Mobile, the Director of Development and Regeneration explores further options to replace, and then procure, new ticket machines taking due account of emerging technologies in this area of operation.


  1. Labour are utterly cynical. Look at the withdrawal of the green bin charge proposal last February only to resurrect it after the elections. Voters need to punish them at the ballot box or they’ll continue their merry way.

    • There is no worthwhile opposition, these local Tories are the worst in my experience, led by the most useless of the lot. Labour will thrive on it, hence some double dealing when it suits them.

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