Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 27, 2017

Outraged Of Ormskirk

Borough Cllr and LCC candidate Greenall tweeted “Leafleting 2day I delivered to a lonely farm. So pleased were they to see me, they gave me a lift back to the main road. How good is that?” Or, when they saw his leaflet , maybe they couldn’t get him off their land quick enough?

And he also tweeted “It’s a free country and MPs can take 2nd jobs if they wish, but if my MP had a 2nd job taking 4 days a week, they would not get my vote”. Strangely enough, Cllr Greenall knows of a fellow party WLBC councillor, Moon, who has a second councillor job and an extra allowance as a councillor in Wyre. Would Moon get his vote? Or even a mention?

On freebies he tweeted “When I go to work I take my own lunch, but if you are a County Councillor you can claim for it. Outrageous!” and so it appears his outrage falls on his own colleagues O’Toole who took £126.98 and Westley who took £182.69 of our tax rather than take their own packed lunches? Remember this?

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