Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 22, 2017

Planning Rules Should Apply To All

Environmental protection planning deals with the impact of construction through downward migration of naturally occurring chemicals and existing contamination already in the ground into water courses caused by construction methods such as piling.

What therefore are environmental officer’s views about piling through kilometres of ground and pumping millions of gallons of flow back fluid through every category of ground with the aim to promote migration of fluid, chemicals, natural or otherwise and introduction of new chemical, waste inevitably entering into water courses?

At present the construction industry is transporting billions of tons of existing waste of naturally occurring chemically affected soils to various areas in the country to avoid contamination of ground water. Should we not therefore abandon the need for environmental controls on construction and save billions of pounds if we are going to abandon controls on fracking?

In the North West we have fracking proceeding in Preston New Road, nr Preston, without any ground water monitoring, ground sampling or setting of threshold levels for chemicals that may find their way into aquifers and ground water streams being set . Why not therefore abandon such controls all together? What is the point of carefully avoiding pollution from a construction industry sinking meters of piling into the ground and employing environmental protection officers in planning departments and environmental agency officers when all rules appertaining to hundreds of miles of piling contamination from fracking operations and the introduction of unmonitored chemical waste is being ignored?

Why waste money controlling construction at all in this respect if our health is going to be at far greater risk with fracking anyway. How can we justify having one set of rules for one industry and totally abandoning these rules for another far more dangerous industry?

We should obtain statements not only from the Environment Agency but also from planning environmental protection officers who should speak out on this subject to explain the faults in the above argument or explain to the wider public what are the issues that affect them directly. A public enquiry into the conduct of politicians and experts in twenty years’ time is not good enough when wide spread damage to health has been experienced. The consequences of this goes far beyond a few peoples vested interests in making money at whatever price to the community and beyond. Make no mistake this is an issue that affects not only those communities throughout the country that are fighting this dangerous industry, but the UK at large and those people that are aware of the risks should speak out or also be guilty of the future consequences of this activity.

Brian Young, Chair of HPC (Halsall Parish Council)

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