Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 18, 2017

The Greenall Adult Social Care Precept

LCC candidate and Borough Cllr Paul Greenall  tweets “My council tax bill states a 2% increase in the £20.09 adult social care precept = £40.98. I’ve asked them to take another look!” That might be for a Band C property?

Or perhaps he should just look at the “Changes in Council Tax Levels” statement published by his own council that states “Band D tax level. The Council tax for Lancashire County Council contained £22.60 for Adult Social Care in 2016-17. The County Council’s tax increase in 2017-18 contained £23.50 (2.00%) for Adult Social Care and £23.38 (1.99%) for other services, giving a total increase of 3.99%.

So a Band D *Adult Social Care” of £46.10 added another 2% compared to previous year’s charge. Got it? Come on jobsworth, make it easier for us all to understand what Cllr Greenall is struggling with?


  1. And the spikey haired wonder wants to jump on the County Council gravy train?! God help us…

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