Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 17, 2017

What A Shock!

When I heard about a failed politician being appointed as a newspaper editor I wondered if Wally had been appointed editor of the “West Lancashire Conservative Times” also known as but no, it’s not as serious as that. It’s the former Chancellor of the Exchequer.

How did the London Evening Standard get a seat in the House of Commons? It appointed George Osborne  whose own record on austerity has forced him to make a living as a part time MP, a part time newspaper editor, a part time champion of the Northern Powerhouse, a part time director of Blackrock Inc, and a part time visiting fellow of a USA university. He was not selected as a Times Newspaper trainee journalist after leaving university.

Osborne stated “Growing up as a Londoner, I’ve always known that the Evening Standard is an institution that plays a huge part in the life of the city and its people. I am proud to be a Conservative MP, but as editor and leader of a team of dedicated and independent journalists, our only interest will be to give a voice to all Londoners”.

So bugger all you people who voted for him in Tatton. You might be wondering when you will be able to ask his help with constituency problems and how effective he might be. Hopefully more effective than all five Aughton Park and Aughton & Downholland borough councillors are on our behalf, which is never?

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