Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 15, 2017

Your Council Tax

You probably received the council tax notice from the County Leader. It makes dire reading as she refers to roads that are not well maintained, libraries that are closing, social care that is appalling, and waste disposal that needs extra charges. [click both to enlarge] “You may have recently received your council tax bill or soon will and we want to explain what your council tax helps pay for.

“Your district council collects your council tax, but part of your payment goes to Lancashire County Council to help fund services that many of you will use, such as our roads and their maintenance, street lights, schools, waste disposal and recycling, libraries, social care, registrar services, plus much more.

“We have increased the amount you will pay this year to help us protect the most vulnerable people in Lancashire.

“A 1.99% increase will be used across all services, plus the Government has allowed councils to introduce a further 2% increase to be directed at social care services. This 3.99% increase means about 90p a week more if you live in a band D property”. There is one matter that is never mentioned in any budgets, local and county, and that’s the huge advertising costs in local newspapers for planning and road works etc. The last circulation figures for the local Champion, that today carries 6 LCC and 2 WLBC large advertisements paid for from council tax, were 18,602. But the tax base for WLBC is 34,390. So how is that economical and effective advertising? It should be stopped and the savings spent on real services. Bugger the regulations that insist on advertising, who reads them anyway?

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