Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 14, 2017

SPIDs On Long Lane Aughton

Spats over SPIDs are nothing fresh in Aughton as we regularly raise the issues of dangers from speeding on Long Lane. And as sure as night follows day it was raised last night because of some unfortunate placing of a temporary SPID facing the wrong direction. Surely not, you might think? Well, jobsworth came and did just that.

Knowing that the Downholland Parish Council has agreed to budget for SPIDS it was thought Cllr Currie who was present might be of help and it was agreed that Aughton resident Colin Atkinson would write to him about the problem.

He did so by suggesting that “further to my raising this matter at last night’s Aughton Parish Council meeting and our brief discussion, please now find attached two photographs of views along Long Lane looking across/beyond the junction of Scarth Hill Lane/Parrs Lane going out into the country towards Bickerstaffe.

“As I suggested last night, the siting of the SPID was obviously in the wrong (ineffective) place as it was on a lamppost with the ‘smiley face’ facing towards that junction (the fixing/backing plate of the SPID can be seen on the lamp post shown in the attached photos    click to enlarge). You can also see the de – restricted speed limit sign situated some 100 yards past the siting of the SPID.

“As a resident of Long Lane it is apparent that vehicles using Long Lane mainly tend to ignore the current 30MPH speed limit on the section between Scarth Hill Lane/Parrs Lane junction and the traffic lights at the Long Lane/Prescot Road junction.

“I am aware that a SPID has been previously sited on this section but only for short periods of time but surely there is a case for the siting of either a permanent SPID or better still an enforcement speed camera such as the two that are sited on nearby Prescot Road. Can you please bring our concerns to the notice of those making decisions on these matters”.

Cllr Currie has replied “Many thanks for your email and information you have provided. I have passed the information up the chain and hopefully action will be taken to move it. I will update you when I hear anything”.

Meanwhile we won’t bet the farm on either of two possibilities, that Aughton Parish Council might spend some of our reserves on a) a permanent SPID and b) an enforcement camera .

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