Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 14, 2017

Justice For Deputy District Judge Grant?

After the matter of a major pothole at the Long Lane/Prescot Road junction was raised on behalf of resident Colin Draper, those who were attending the Aughton Parish Council meeting last night saw a sudden change in the demeanour of the APC Chairman and member of the judiciary Ian Grant . He fairly bristled with indignation, as he told of his front offside tyre being damaged there. I swear that if County Highways Cllr John Fillis had been there he would have received a custodial!

Even the statutory defence that allows a council or highways agency to defend claims on the basis that they had taken reasonable measures to ensure that problems such as potholes like this one  [click to enlarge] are found and dealt with swiftly might not have pacified DDJ Grant!

Would government austerity be a reasonable defence? Is there anything reasonable in allowing these potholes to multiply all over the borough? The pothole is still there, and we who attended the APC are grateful for the warning DDJ Grant gave us even at the cost of the damage he suffered to his tyre.

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