Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 13, 2017

The Latest David Westley Comic

Having received and read the latest David Westley election leaflet comic readers won’t be surprised by how much his own trumpet has been blown. It’s the usual diatribe of everyone else to blame but him. As the sitting county councillor for West Lancs East he doesn’t explain the phenomenon of why he is now the candidate in Ormskirk while Cllr Paul Greenall is the preferred candidate in the “new” West Lancashire East county seat.

[click to read]

“Let down by Labour” is apparently how the current county administration has failed its 4 year efficiency savings, albeit with savage cuts by the Conservative austerity programme.

[click to read]

As for the economy, infrastructure, flooding, Ormskirk traffic congestion, and road safety, all are, apparently, the fault of the Labour administration and will all be solved if you elect Westley and his merry 5 other men and one woman to the county seats. Good luck with that!

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