Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 13, 2017

David Westley On Spouting Malicious Bile

In response to an email, Cllr David Westley responded, about WLR “The link you sent is for a website that has pretentions of being some sort of news outlet but is in fact nothing more than an internet troll spouting malicious bile and hiding behind a cloak of anonymity”.

As we continue to remind readers, Cllr David Westley knows a thing or two about spouting malicious bile such as reported on the front page of the Champion in December 2013.

 [click to read]

Lindsey Holland from the Keep Aughton Green group who went door to door signing petitions, said that she was appalled by Councillor Westley’s comments. She said ”People put in so much effort doing their research then going round hour on hour on foot, including people in their 70s. They are genuine, caring, well-informed people and I doubt there were any lies told. This is the second time Aughton residents have been attacked by their own Councillors – they need to rebuild trust, not call their electorate liars, it is sickening”.

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